Denezia F. ’22

“Forge your own path. Brandeis has the resources to help you pursue your interests.”


Denezia F. ’22, a Worcester, Massachusetts native triple majoring in education studies, African and African American Studies and sociology.

What She's Passionate About

"My passion is in educational inequity in urban education. How do different groups experience and navigate education? How are they shaped by their education?"

Where She Discovered This

Denezia was among a small group of students led by sociology and education professor Derron Wallace in a research project examining survey responses from more than 17,000 families with children enrolled in the Boston Public School system during the pandemic. "We looked at how different groups experience their education based on their social ecology."

What She's Discovered

"To take what I have learned about urban schools abstractly and do something practical through this research project has been an amazing opportunity. It is exciting to think the work I was doing did result in real change."

"My greatest takeaway from the project? It's important that all families feel that their voices matter. Families of color are not saying that and we need to investigate why."

Who's on Her Team

"I could not have done this work without the support of my entire team of seven undergrads and grad students, and my adviser and mentor Derron Wallace. To be honest, I could write a bible about how Professor Wallace has influenced my life. He saw me struggle in my freshman year, and he sat down with me and went through the content until I understood it. I will never forget that moment. He's supportive and deeply invested in his students. He really helped me transform my trajectory at Brandeis."

Next Chapter of Her Story

"I want to do research — the Boston Public School project has transformed how I think of myself. I always knew I had good teaching skills but this project has shown me that I can do both."

Actionable Advice

"Invest in building a core team of people on your side — academic peers and good advisors. They saw I could be successful and invested in me. It's incredibly important. And forge your own path. Brandeis has the resources to help you pursue your interests."