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Patricia Spence ’80, Tamar ’20 and Sara Shostak

Tamar H. ’20

“Your wildest dreams exist outside your comfort zone, so take a step.”


Tamar H. ’20, a Health: Science, Society and Policy major from Atlanta, Georgia. She's an ORISE Health Communications Fellow with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, where she helps share information about chronic disease management during COVID-19.

What She's Passionate About

Empowering people to actively participate in their personal health. Tamar was inspired to go into health communications professionally to bridge the gap in the way health information is disseminated to marginalized populations.

Where She Discovered This

Interning with the Urban Farming Institute of Boston (UFI) and conducting qualitative research for Associate Professor of Sociology and Health: Science, Society and Policy Sara Shostak about the impact of health and wellness activities offered through its program, Fit Around the Farm. The program brings elderly immigrants, mostly from the Caribbean, to the institute for yoga, cooking, gardening and cultural workshops.

What She's Discovered

The bonds participants formed interacting at the farm in the program were as or more beneficial than the health and wellness activities.

Who's On Her Team

Professor Shostak, who is co-authoring a research brief with Tamar on her findings at UFI, and the UFI director and on-site mentor, Patricia Spence ’80.

Next Chapter of Her Story

Tamar plans to earn a master's degree in public health at the University of Michigan next year. Eventually, she wants to pursue a doctorate in social or behavioral sciences to better understand people's health-seeking behaviors.

Actionable Advice

"Apply to work on a project you're interested in and don't be afraid — you are enough, and you are qualified. No one is expecting you to be an expert, they're just expecting effort, eagerness and willingness to do hard work. Your wildest dreams exist outside your comfort zone, so take a step."