Lauren L. 22


“Our community has a way of welcoming all students. We provide a solid support system for each other both academically and socially.”


Scarsdale, New York


Psychology, with minors in philosophy and religious studies

I've always been intrigued by human behavior and what makes everyone unique.

Clubs and Activities

Banshee Ultimate Frisbee, Waltham Group's Blood Drive, Knight Psychology Research Lab, tour guide and BranVan driver.

Favorite Spot on Campus

Definitely the Goldfarb Library. I spend lots of time studying, spending time with friends and making lots of memories. To me, it isn't only a place for productivity, but a place for socializing, and it's where I made lots of new friends.

Favorite Restaurant on Moody Street

In a Pickle! They serve over-the-top breakfast foods and have really large portion sizes. My favorite has to be their Snickers-stuffed pancakes and, of course, their hot chocolate. It's a great place to go with your friends and family and is definitely a crowd pleaser.

What I Love Most About Brandeis

Our community is what distinguishes us from other institutions. I have found Brandeis to be a supportive, welcoming and ambitious community. The support of my teachers, friends and peers has made Brandeis an environment where I can flourish as a student and as a person. I have built positive, lifelong memories and friendships at Brandeis. My time here has been incredibly special.

Memorable Faculty Interactions

During my sophomore year, I took a course in the Legal Studies program, which isn't an area I feel strong in. I expressed my concern about performing poorly to my professor and in response, he provided me with help outside the classroom for the entire semester. That accessibility and support meant the world to me.

Biggest Surprises

I was surprised by the friendly and supportive nature of the student body. Coming from New York, I was not used to people genuinely caring about others' success and well-being with no strings attached. I find that the Brandeis community offers a significant support system for every student. Being a part of this community has encouraged me to care for, support and welcome others unconditionally.

Community at Brandeis is About …

You can find community anywhere and everywhere at Brandeis. We are not only one large tight-knit community, but also a collection of smaller and more intimate communities. I've found a family at Brandeis through Banshee Women's Ultimate Frisbee. We are a community within a community.

"Brandeisian" Means …

I love the word Brandeisian. Students at Brandeis pride themselves on the inclusion of others and their own presence in the Brandeis community. I think being Brandeisian allows us all to feel accepted — like we belong and have found a home here.

Words of Wisdom

Our community has a way of welcoming all students. We provide a solid support system for each other both academically and socially. Applying to college can be an intimidating and confusing experience, but I can tell you that when you get here, Brandeis will feel like home.