Thomas P. ’23


“Being a Brandeisian means that in whatever field or area we go into, we bring conviction and determination.”


Worcester, Massachusetts


Politics and philosophy. I've always been passionate about service, and thinking about connections between people and places.

Clubs and Activities

Men's rugby, club tennis, The Hoot (student newspaper), Relay for Life, tour guide, Waltham Club! Each one of these clubs and activities opens my eyes to the world, makes me think differently and empowers me to improve myself every day.

Favorite Spot on Campus

The Skyline Quad. Every time I pass by, I take a moment to appreciate the view of the Boston skyline. I remind myself that there are always bigger things to be proud of and work for in the world.

Favorite Restaurant on Moody Street

Bistro781 has my whole heart (and stomach) whenever I need a good pick me up meal. It reminds me of home!

What I Love Most About Brandeis

The people, the people, the people! Brandeis is a place where someone has gone out their way to walk with me in the rain because they had an umbrella and I didn't. They listen and understand what others are going through, and they support each other no matter what. Nowhere else will you find such a gracious student body  a community of people who want to help and support each other.

Memorable Faculty Interactions

My religious studies and sociology professor has become a role model and mentor for me. She worked in the State Department and in different embassies all across the globe, and we've had wonderful conversations about her work. I have never met someone so well connected, willing to share their time and open to giving me advice on how to reach my goals.

Biggest Surprises

There is never a dull moment on campus. You don't need to go into Boston or downtown Waltham to have fun. From Heidi Gardner performing stand up to events all over campus — all sorts of activities, performers and festivals make it feel alive.

Community at Brandeis is About …

Group chats for studying and joking around together after class. The Rugby team chanting as we stretch. Performing community service in greater Waltham, with people smiling and saying, "Oh you're a Brandeis kid, I'm glad you're here!" Community is everywhere. We love being social and making the world around us a better, happier place.

"Brandeisian" Means …

Being a Brandeisian means that in whatever field or area we go into, we bring conviction and determination. We do what we love — not because we want to be the best, but because we value progress.

Words of Wisdom

Be yourself! Brandeis is home to people who are unapologetically themselves. If you want to end each day happy in who you are and what you've done, then this is the place for you.