Paid Leaves for Faculty Outside the Tenure Structure in Arts and Sciences

Faculty outside the tenure structure on a renewable continuous contract are first eligible for paid leave in the eighth academic year, after completion of seven years (14 semesters) of full-time service at Brandeis University; thereafter, they are eligible after every six years (12 semesters) of full-time service.

Faculty who have been full-time at Brandeis on consecutive non-renewable contracts for more than a single academic year and start a renewable full-time contract as of July 1st 2022 will be credited up to six semesters towards leave eligibility on a one-to-one basis with the exclusion of one year. So, a faculty member who has served on three FTE contracts continuously on a non-renewable basis will be credited four semesters at the beginning of their renewable contract.

Paid leave is granted by the dean, with the advice of the department/program chair. Paid leave promotes research and/or creative work, and general professional development.

Paid leave may be granted for two semesters at half salary, or one semester at full salary. Upon completion of a paid leave, faculty are expected to return to full-time service at Brandeis University for at least two consecutive semesters.

Acceptance of a teaching or research appointment at another institution during a paid leave may be approved by the dean if it contributes to the professional development of the faculty member. During paid leave, the university’s contributions to health insurance and retirement programs are continued unless such payments are assumed by another institution. Payments are based upon the actual salary paid by the university.

Existing Faculty

Faculty members who have not yet been awarded a paid leave

Existing faculty members who have completed a minimum of seven years of full-time service, and who have not yet been granted a paid leave or other workload reduction, will become eligible to apply for one paid leave. Eligibility will be counted from the academic year in which the faculty member first held a full-time appointment at Brandeis University, irrespective of the rank of that appointment.

Faculty members who have been awarded a paid leave

Existing faculty members who have already been awarded a paid leave or other workload reduction will next be eligible for a leave after six years of full-time service, to be counted from the academic year in which they returned from that leave.

Schedule: Leave Eligibility for Existing Faculty

If appointment began Eligible in
Before 1987 2006/07
Before 1991 2007/08
Before 1999 2008/09
Before 2003 2009/10
In 2003/04 2010/11
In 2004/05 2011/12

Newly Appointed Faculty

Faculty appointed from academic year 2005-06 will be eligible for paid leave after completion of seven years of full-time service at Brandeis University. Thereafter, they will be eligible after completion of six years of service.

Application Procedure

Faculty members should submit their proposals for paid leave to their department/program chair. This should be done in time for the department/program chair to incorporate any proposed leaves into the department/program’s curriculum plan, which is usually submitted to the dean by Dec. 1.

Proposals should include an explanation of the nature of the leave, its goals, duration and whether or not benefits are to be provided by another institution during the leave. After consulting with the faculty member and other members of the department, the chair sends the proposal and his or her recommendation for paid leave to the dean. For those faculty who have administrative roles, the disposition of their administrative responsibilities during the leave will be subject to discussion with their department/program chair and the dean.