Pathways to Retirement

The 2020 revised Brandeis Pathways to Retirement Plan for Tenured Faculty provides such faculty members 65 years and older who have at least fifteen consecutive years of full-time service with the university (at the time of signing the agreement) with the opportunity to develop a plan for a personalized retirement path. There are two options:

One-Year Option

You have no teaching or service obligations during the academic year following a signed retirement agreement, and you will retire at the end of that academic year. You will receive full salary and benefits over that academic year.

Two-Year Option

You have half-time teaching and service obligations during the two consecutive academic years following a signed retirement agreement. You will receive full salary and benefits over the two years and will retire at the end of the second academic year.


In addition to these options all participating tenured faculty will receive $4,000 in research funds which will carry forward each year until fully spent. If additional funding is needed to support research activities, applications may be made to request funds from the Provost’s research awards funds which will be awarded annually on a competitive basis.

Accrued sabbaticals through the academic year in which the retirement agreement is signed, based on current guidelines, may be added to either of the two options. Sabbatical may be used to further reduce teaching and service obligations, or increase the number of years of full-salary payments.

For more information and answers to common questions, feel free to visit the Provost's website.