Faculty Mentoring and Professional Development

All faculty, no matter their discipline or career stage, deserve to have access to quality mentoring.

The School of Arts and Sciences has made a special commitment to this precept by initiating a comprehensive plan to provide arts and sciences faculty with a range of mentoring resources. While our initial focus is on serving pretenure faculty in the social sciences, humanities and creative arts, in the coming years our efforts will expand to the sciences and to offering mentoring resources to senior faculty across the school.

The centerpiece of our mentoring initiative is the Faculty Mentoring Program (FMP). Building on the success of our 2017-2018 pilot mentoring program, the FMP has now transitioned into a permanent program that provides pretenure faculty with dedicated mentors and access to other professional development resources that will foster their success and wellbeing here at Brandeis.

A Note from the Director of Faculty Mentoring

Everyone’s path towards tenure is unique, but it is not a journey that has to be made alone. My commitment to mentoring stems from this simple realization accompanied by another: the tenure process is too often shrouded in mystery. Building community, prioritizing our wellbeing, ensuring intellectual and professional growth, and demystifying tenure are foundational principles of my work as Director of Faculty Mentoring in the School of Arts and Sciences. Other key priorities of the FMP are to ensure the continued success of tenured faculty and to support community building among the growing number of tenure-track and long-term contract faculty of color at Brandeis across the School of Arts and Sciences, Heller, and IBS.

I am available to meet individually with faculty about the following:

I am eager to hear from you about your experiences, needs, and how I can be of service to you. You can reach me via email.


Ulka Anjaria
Director of Faculty Mentoring
Professor, English

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The Components of the Faculty Mentoring Program