Faculty and Students of Concern

Are you concerned about a Brandeis student?

If you think a student is in immediate danger, please call the Department of Public Safety Emergency Line: 781-736-3333 and / or the Brandeis Counseling Center’s Emergency consultation line: 781-736-3785

If you are concerned about a student’s academic performance, and the student is an undergraduate please contact Academic Services as follows:

Level of Concern

Behaviors Experienced

How to Share

Expected Follow-up


Student misses a small number of classes or assignments, assignment quality is low or declines.

The main concern in this case would be that the student’s grade is becoming compromised, and some coaching around time management, tutoring, or encouragement to attend class would help.

Academic Performance Report

The appropriate advisor will be notified and respond to the concern within 48 hours


Student has missed a significant amount of class, and has become unresponsive.

Contact the student’s specific staff adviser in academic services.

-Advisor will connect with Community Living for a wellness check

-Advisor will meet with the student to determine whether remaining in courses is advisable, or whether the student should withdraw from the semester

-Advisor will respond to the faculty member with an update within 48 hours


Student displays behavior that causes immediate concern for their safety and well-being.

Care Report

This report will go directly to the campus Care Team, and it will be determined whether intervention by Public Safety or other emergency/triaging personnel would be most appropriate

If you are concerned about a student’s academic performance, and the student is a graduate student please contact Jessica Basile.

If you have concerns about students that are not academic in nature, please find additional resources at Support at Brandeis and / or complete a Care Report.