Minor in Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies

collage of aapi studies

Launched in 2020, the School of Arts and Sciences’ minor in Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Studies is for any student interested in understanding how national and global questions of race and inequality intersect, and specifically in learning about the histories, literatures, cultures and contemporary realities of Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

The United States is a multiethnic, multinational nation in a world marked by migration and interdependence. The AAPI minor will broaden your awareness of the world and deepen your understanding of this country’s multiracial history and character while also enabling you to situate the American experience within a larger global context.

The seeds of this program were planted with the activism of a group of students who were inspired by the Ford Hall 2015 protests. Over time, support snowballed to gain advocacy from faculty members and other community members on campus.

As an AAPI minor, you can expect to hone your critical thinking, writing and research — skills that will make you an informed citizen of the 21st century and well prepared to pursue graduate study in this discipline or a career in a wide array of professions, including government, law, education, arts and business.