New Initiatives

Some recent initiatives and new programs launched by the School of Arts and Sciences include:

Minor in Asian America and Pacific Islanders Studies

Launched in 2020, the School of Arts and Sciences’ minor in Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Studies is for any student interested in understanding how national and global questions of race and inequality intersect, and specifically in learning about the histories, literatures, cultures and contemporary realities of Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

Climate Justice Initiative

There are several initiatives at Brandeis relating to Climate Justice, including the Brandeis Climate and Sustainability Alliance, an upcoming Year of Climate Action, and a minor in Climate Justice, Science, and Policy offered by the School of Arts and Sciences. 

Community Engaged Scholars

The Community Engaged Scholars (CES) program connects our students’ longstanding commitment to community service directly to their studies. It will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to serve as ethical, respectful, and responsible agents of service and of social change in their local, national, and global communities.

Data Science Initiative

The capability of exploring, understanding, and acting on large-scale data across diverse fields has become critical to the success of future workforces and the prosperities of their societies. Researchers worldwide, including those in Brandeis, are collecting huge volumes of heterogeneous data (such as, images, graphs, music, text, videos, and more). Learn how Brandeis is collaborating across fields to share learnings about data science research.

Engineering Major

The School of Arts and Sciences is currently developing plans to introduce a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Science beginning no later than academic year 2026-27.